Friday, 12 September 2014

Get connected!

Welcome to the HIS community!

HIS PTA has 3 main goals:

To support our children:
helping in the classroom and the library, helping out at clubs and organising social opportunities for them to meet outside school.

To support our school:
by fundraising and volunteering at school events, raising positive awareness of our school in the Hiroshima community.

To support each other:
creating opportunities for exchange between parents on issues ranging from parenting, school life and life in Hiroshima city.

How can you connect?

With the PTA executive committee?
Any questions or concerns about school life? Contact us directly at 
This year’s officers are:
Eriko Shige Hird 08038907605   Jackie Ikegami 09078909464  Tracy McMahan 08038960448  Magali Sandmann 08046536417  Miyoko Shimizu 09040724721  Takaco Takeno 0907541 8885 

See previous post for more detailed bios!

With the whole community?
We have various ways to get in touch.

On this blog! Comment away!

School FB Page and Secret FB Group Page for School Community
Search for Hiroshima International School for school page.

Let us know your Facebook ID and we’ll add you to the Community Group

Download the LINE application to your phone and join one of our 2 community groups, one in English  and one in Japanese. You can of course join both if you like.
You need to be invited to the group, either by phone number or LINE ID, so let someone you know at HIS know you want to join.

Give us your e-mail address and we will keep you in the loop about everything that’s going on in the community.
PTA news will also be posted in the school newsletter “The Crane”, which is sent out by e-mail every Friday (or soon after) by the Principal.

We look forward to working with you to make a positive community environment at HIS for our kids to enjoy!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Back to School 2014-15! Welcome New Families!

Welcome back to HIS for the first semester of the 2014-15 school year! 
If you just got back to Japan, we hope you had a fabulous vacation and your jet lag is getting better. If you have been here all summer, we hope you have survived the humidity and thunderstorms! And if you are new to Hiroshima and HIS, the PTA wishes you a warm welcome to our community!!
 We hope all of you are ready for another great year for our kids.

We have a few community events in the works already, but first we would like to introduce ourselves to our newer friends. 
If you see any of these faces around school, please feel free to say hi and ask any questions you might have or let us know how YOU would like to get involved in our school community this year!

In alphabetical order, our team......

Eriko Hird

From: Hiroshima, Japan
Kids: Lisa G7, Alina G3, Marika KG
9th year at HIS
Born and bred in Japan
Speaks: Japanese, English

Jackie Ikegami

From: Scotland, UK (at least for now!)
Kid: Mairi G6
9th year at HIS
24th (!!) year in Japan
Speaks: English, Japanese, (understands German....)
Message: HOW many years is it now??? Haha. yes, I'm back again and expecting another fun year of baking, getting to know you all better, baking, and supporting my favourite school HIS and the HIS family, and baking. Look forward to having a laugh with you all this year! I will TRY to keep the e-mails short this year. (Uncrosses fingers behind back....)

Tracy McMahan

From: Michigan, USA
Kid: Mackenzie, G9
2nd year at HIS
2nd year in Japan
Speaks: English , learning Japanese

I am looking forward to another great year here in Japan with the wonderful HIS Community!  I am excited to be a part of the PTA fun!!  I hope lots of you will be

Magali Sandmann

From: Provence, France
Kids: Emma G6, Nils G4
3rd year at HIS
6th year in Japan
Speaks: French, German, English and a bit of Japanese!

I’m looking forward to seeing all the members of the HIS community and hope we will enjoy a great school year again.

Miyoko Shimizu

From: Tokyo, Japan
Kids: Soshun G2, Viola EC?
2nd year at HIS
All her life in Japan 
Speaks Japanese, English

Takaco Takeno

From: Hiroshima, Japan
Kids: Nanako G7, Lilico G4
7th Year at HIS
100% Made in Japan
Speaks: Japanese, English, Hiroshima-ben
Message: I'll do my best this year too!

With the core of last year's PTA executive team returning for a second year, and with your support, we plan to welcome the ideas of our new members to build on last year's successes, continuing to support learning and fun for all students at HIS. We hope to meet you all very soon and hear how you would like to help make this year the best year yet at HIS!!

Mark your calendars:
First family outing: Iwakuni Kintaikyo Fireworks, Saturday August 30th
First BIG event: Halloween @HIS, TRUNK or Treat! Friday October 31st

More details to follow!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

International Festival is Coming!

Preparations are under way for this year's International Festival, to be held on April 19th.
Thanks to Becky Stewart and Mark Exton for their efforts to get this year's flyer ready. We hope to have it in your hands for distribution soon!

This year we are aiming to introduce the 36 countries represented by HIS and TGS to our guests at the Festival. Community members will tell us about their culture and background.
Here is one example: France by Magali S from France!
Merci Magali!

We look forward to seeing what our very international community members will show us!

The International Market is now collecting goods for our popular recycle market. See last week's Crane newsletter for details of what you can donate. Contact: Yasuko Yamashiro 090-4809-2091 .

We are also accepting applications and proposals for performers for the day of the Festival. Please contact Fuyuko Ruetenik at (0902 005 2013) if you would like to perform on the day.

Are you a baker? Please show us your skills and help bake some delicious treats: cakes, cupcakes, slices and brownies, pies and sweets to be sold to support the school. Contact: Takaco Takeno 0907 541 8885

Applications for advertisements on the event flyer are now closed. Thanks to all those who are sponsoring the event.

Monday, 18 November 2013


These are the igloos HIS teams built at the 1st World Igloo Building Championships in Akiota, at Osorakan Snow Park,  in the Decorative category last February. Parents, teachers and students from G1 to G8 helped to build these excellent creations. We didn't win for some inexplicable reason, but we gave it our all and had a great laugh in the process.

This year applications open on December 1st to enter for the 2nd event. Prize money totalling ¥300,000 is up for grabs. (1st place ¥50,000)
HIS is out for revenge, but we need volunteers to join our team. 
Not really suitable for very young children, and we need a few big strong parents or teachers to join each team. Please contact the PTA at if you are interested in taking part in this event.
We may only be able to enter 1 team this year, as it was very popular last year, so please show your interest ASAP!

See the official website for pictures of last year's event. 

If we manage to enter a team or two this year, we hope to set up a ski and snow fun weekend on the same weekend. 

Dads, good shovel-wielders, and anyone with any engineering or architectural expertise particularly welcome!

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Another great community event at HIS last week. Well done to all involved!

This Guy wasn't the happiest chap on the planet, but everyone else had a great time at this year's Bonfire Night event, on November 8th.


Great food cooked by supermums...


Thanks to Mr Barker and Yumiko-san,  for coordinating the whole thing, and to these 
lovely ladies for a mammoth cooking effort.

And of course to Mr Yoneda as ever, for helping us to set the scene.

Photos of this event are available on the school Facebook page here:

As usual, the PTA would love to hear any feedback you may have about this event, positive or constructive, to help us improve for next year.

Saturday, 2 November 2013


The Seven Dwarves would like to thank everyone who came out all dressed up for Halloween @ HIS last night.

This was our first event of the school year and I think we can say  Halloween was celebrated in style at HIS this year. 


from EC3 to G12,

their cute brothers and sisters....

their fabulous friends and guests....

creative and generous parents.....

terrific teachers.....

brilliant Board members....

and last, but certainly not least the lovely ladies in the office...

and of course our "game for a laugh" Principal,  AKA Snow White: people from every part of the HIS family  joined forces, as they always do, to plan, execute and enjoy the party. With all the crafts, games and activities, prizes, the Trunk or Treating and the Haunted House designed by the spooktacular Secondary students, all the kids had a very busy 4 hours!

Special thanks go to the judges who handed out all these prizes -

the lovely ladies of the HIS Cooking class.

This was the first time we have  held our Halloween celebration at the school itself and we hope you had fun. We look forward to hearing feedback from all who took part in order to make Halloween even better next year!

Lots and lots of photos, taken by BOT member Joy Walsh can be seen here on FlickR:

And here on the school's Facebook page:

We hope to get some on the Gallery tab ASAP.

So, the idea was that we would start off with a small relaxed event....oops! 
Oh well....

We hope to see you all again next week for Bonfire Night!
(The deadline was yesterday by the way, but as most people were too busy thinking about Halloween, if you get in touch very quickly, you can still take part. Hand in your forms, available for download here, or e-mail by TUESDAY at the latest please!)